Roof Restoration in Jackson, TN

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Roof Restoration Pros

Getting a new roof placed on your home or business can be quite an investment. This is one of the main reasons why some residential roofing companies won’t recommend getting a whole new roof unless it is absolutely necessary. There are instances where simple repairs can be made, and in other cases restoration may be appropriate.

When you work with us at Jackson Commercial & Residential Roofing, we know how to tell the difference and we will be honest with you by giving you our expert opinion. We will always provide you with options and explain the specifics to you. Consider us for roof restoration in Jackson, TN, so you can be sure that your roofer is always being open and honest with you. Just call (731) 609-1026 to talk to a company that has experience completing restorations. 


The first step to take when you need to know whether your roof is a good candidate for roof restoration is to get an inspection done. When this happens, our team will check out all the aspects and sections of your roof, so it can be determined what flaws or issues it is suffering from. It will also give you an indication of the age of your roof and when it needs to be replaced. An inspection can also be useful if you need repairs completed after a storm in your area. Once the inspection is completed, we can talk to you about what we found and all the ways it can be remedied, including if your roof can benefit from restoration, instead of a new installation.

Roof Restoration Specifics

If you are interested in what makes a roof restoration in Jackson, TN distinctive, the main reason is that it doesn’t require you to get a completely new roof. This makes the process easier on your wallet and it also requires fewer materials to be purchased. At the same time, it pretty much offers you a new roof or at least a roof that can hold up properly for a number of years. In some cases, restoration is a good fit after you encounter hail or wind damage, or something similar. During the restoration process, roofers can add new shingles, coat your roof, or make other repairs that are much needed.  It is also a great idea if only a small area of your roof needs to be repaired, and other sections are operating as intended. The possible solutions depend on the current condition of your roof and what needs to be updated. We can explain the specifics to you if you are interested, talk to you about silicone or acrylic coating types, or provide more information on how a roof restoration works.

New Roof Installation

Some roofs will not be a good fit for restoration and will instead need to get a new roof installed. This may be the case if the damage on a roof covers a large area of the roof or if it has already caused leaks or other internal damage. A roofing contractor will be able to discuss the specifics with you and help you make a decision on how you should handle your roofing problems.

Help With Insurance Claims

When your roof has become damaged because of a storm or a natural disaster, your roof is likely covered by your insurance policy. We can help you when it comes to filing a claim with your insurance if this is something that you have not had to do before. If you also got an inspection from us, this may be the exact documentation that your insurance adjuster needs, to get your check sent to you as soon as possible. This can also lead to your repairs getting started quicker. Be sure to let us know if you need us to lend a hand with the claims process since this is something that we have experience with.

A close up of a drill being used on synthetic tile roofing.

Work With Our Team

After you experience damage to your roof or you become aware that it needs work done on it, do what you can to find a contractor that will be able to fix up your roof for you. In some cases, a roof may be able to benefit from a restoration, but there are stipulations that must be met. Our Jackson Commercial & Residential Roofing team is skilled at roof restoration in Jackson, TN, and can offer you any advice you need about your roof.

Reach out to us for information on this service, or if you require help with a roof inspection, working with an insurance company, or anything else related to your residential roof. We can be there for you today to give you professional advice. Dial (731) 609-1026 for the roofing guidance you are looking for.