Metal Roof Installation and Repair in Jackson, TN

A close up of a metal roof.

Let’s Discuss Metal Roofs

There are many houses that can benefit from a metal roof, and yours may be one of them. If you don’t currently have a metal roof and are pondering one, you may want to talk to a residential roofer on if it would be a good fit for your business. At Jackson Commercial & Residential Roofing, we are a company that you can contact to discuss getting a new roof of any type, but one of our specialties is metal roof installation in Jackson, TN.

You can talk to us about this or any other issue you are having with your roof. We will be there to answer your questions or tell you more about specific roofing and what they are suited for. Call us today at (731) 609-1026 for further details.

Getting a Roof Inspection

Once you determine that you are serious about keeping your roof updated and in perfect condition, it can be a good idea to get a roof inspection completed. When you take advantage of this service from us, we take the time to check all the areas of your roof to see how effective they are. This includes parts that other companies may miss. We check for rips, tears, worn down areas, leaks, and much more. Afterwards, we can discuss the results with you, so you can decide what you want to do next. In some cases, you may need to have repairs done quickly, and in others, it may be necessary to have a new roof installed.

New Roofs

After we complete an inspection for you, you will have a better idea about how your roof is holding up. If repairs are going to be quite costly, you should consider getting a brand-new roof. If your roof is aging or you are just looking for something new to update the look of your house, we can help you with either of these things. There have many advances when it comes to metal roofing, and we have experience installing some of the most modern types of metal roofing. For example, we have worked with standing seam metal roofs, including the types that snap together. The panels for metal roofing can be snapped together onsite, which offers a better fit and a more secure roof overall.

Roof Repairs

On the other hand, you may need repairs on your roof. If there are serious issues, they should be completed sooner than later. We are qualified to work with metal roof repair, so consider us for this type of job. Our team can help fix up a metal roof and do so in a timely way. You won’t have to wait weeks to hear from us when you reach out. We know your time is valuable and we do our best to keep in contact when you are our customers, especially since great customer service is something we are constantly striving for.

Emergency Help

Something else that you need to be aware of is that we are on call to help with roofing emergencies. If your metal roof causes an emergency situation, you can contact us to help you get the situation handled quickly, regardless of what time of the day or night it is. While we may not be able to start fixing the problem right away, we will do everything we can to secure the area and keep your roof and home safe until we are able to check out your roof and determine what repairs need to be made. We will bring over tarps to keep everything covered during a crucial time and wait until the light of day to get started on the cleanup and repair process.

New metal roofing stacked up and waiting to be installed.

We Can Talk Anytime

No matter what you are wondering about concerning a metal roof, we can provide you with the pertinent information. Our company specializes in metal roof installation in Jackson, TN. We can also fix roofing issues and will be there for you in an emergency. These are all reasons why you should consider working with us when you are in the market for a new roofer. These are just a few things that make us distinctive over the other guys.

We care about our customers, we work quickly, and pay attention to detail at the same time. Together, we can decide what repairs to complete on your metal roof, when you should have a new metal roof installed, and any other roofing aspects you need advice with. Do yourself a favor and call us at (731) 609-1026 when you need to know more about metal roofs, or you want us to come take a look at your roof.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing If you have been considering a standing seam metal roof installation, now is the best time to jump on your opportunity. Give us a call today.