Single Ply Roof Installation

A finished single-ply roof.

Single Ply Options

If you own your own business and need a new roof, there are a few single ply roofing options that you should consider. Each type has its own ups and downs, but all of them are effective and can protect your roof for quite a while. It may also be valuable to have a commercial roofer in your corner, who is able to offer single ply roof installation in Jackson, TN.

At Jackson Commercial & Residential Roofing, we can be your ally when it comes to learning more about the different types of single ply roofing and deciding which one you want to have placed on your roof. There is so much to remember, and it can be difficult to keep them straight. Simply dial (731) 609-1026 when you are ready to learn more about roofing and we can fill in the details for you.

TPO Membrane

One type of roofing that you should pay attention to is TPO. This is a very effective type of roofing that is designed to last a long time. You can talk to your roofer about how you want to have it installed. It is also known for its signature white color, which you may have seen before, but can also be installed in different colors.

EPDM Membrane

If your building’s roof has a bit of a slope, it may be better suited to EPDM, which acts a lot like rubber. This is so it can hold up to different weather types, and it is unlikely to show obvious signs of wear. In other words, it will look new for a long time. It may also keep mold at bay since it won’t develop in this type of roofing instead of other types.

PVC Membrane

PVC membrane is another type of roofing that can be quite beneficial for your business. The membrane is lightweight and can be placed on top of what is already on your roof. It is also well suited to the climate in Jackson, TN. Additionally, it is resistant to flames and heat.

Talk To Us About Commercial Roofing

Not only are we able to help you when it comes to single ply roof installation in Jackson, TN, but we are also skilled with Single Ply Roof Repair. This means once we put a new roof in for you, we can help you keep up with the maintenance as well. You can count on us to fix it up if there are cracks or tears that pop up over the years. We can even be contacted about commercial roof inspections in order for you to determine if you need a new roof or coating right away. Contact us at (731) 609-1026 to talk about different roofing types or find out more about our services.