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    If you find yourself in need of a roofer you can trust, we may be the company for you at Jackson Commercial & Residential Roofing. We have experience with many commercial and residential services that you can take advantage of when we’re your roofer in Jackson, TN. Our experts can help you with everything from new roof installations, inspections, and repairs. Give us a call at (731) 609-1026 when you want to learn more about how we can lend a hand.

Quality Services We Offer

We Provide Emergency Help

When you have an emergency at your house or business, you don’t have to pick up the pieces alone. We can come over to survey the damage and see how we can help. In some cases, we can bring over tarps and other materials to ensure that everything is safe until morning. After that time, together, we can determine what the next step should be and what repairs need to be made. We will do everything we can to keep your area secure and do our best to arrive at your property as soon as possible, regardless of what time the emergency occurs.

A house with a fresh new roof.

Storm Damage Repairs Handled Quickly

Another type of emergency we can handle are the repairs you may need for your roof after a storm passes through. There are many ways that a storm can cause damage, including with wind or hail. We have experience fixing roofs that have been affected by storms, big and small. Let us help you with yours and you can see why we are a top-rated roofer in the Jackson, TN area. Our team can even help guide you through the insurance claims process, if this is something that you don’t have any experience with. We have practice working with many different insurance companies, so we can help keep the process simple for you.

A close up shot of newly installed red metal roofing.

Talk to us About Your Commercial Building

We also have services related to commercial roofing. If you have a commercial building or run your own business, there are many ways that we can assist you. We are able to work with all the best types of roofing and coatings, in order to keep your roof up to code and in one piece. More importantly, we will take the time to explain the difference from one type of roofing to the next, which can be hard to understand without talking to someone that has experience working with these products. We don’t mind telling you which type of roof or roof coating would work best for your purposes. Consider letting us keep your building looking great and maintain your space for you and your employees. Check with us when you need a roofer in Jackson, TN. You can also contact us at (731) 609-1026 to get answers to your questions..